Polian not looking at returners

Golden Tate, Jordan Shipley and Javier Arenas are gone. The Titans think they got their man in Damian Williams.

Colts faithful hoping Bill Polian would get in on the action for another prospect who can upgrade the return game are going to wind up disappointed.

While it seems like a focus on getting Peyton Manning and the offense better field position could add a dimension, Polian said after Friday’s third round that he sees no dual threat remaining.

“I’m not so sure that there is one left that would be any more dynamic than what we have on the squad right now,” he told Indianapolis reporters. “I’m not sure, off the top of my head, I don’t think there is a dual return guy left. Obviously, that is an important skill set. There are some return guys down there, just none that I can turn to Coach (Jim Caldwell) and say, ‘This guy’s got the job.’”

If the Colts played next week, Polian said he envisioned Sam Giguere and Jerraud Powers handling the jobs. I’m presuming he meant Giguere for kickoffs -- he was second on the team in returns with five last year -- and Powers for punts. He indicated he didn’t see Austin Collie as a possibility.

“Again, we’re not focused on the return game,” he said. “When you go to the Super Bowl, you’re not hurting in that area. If you can get a dual return guy who can do both, one guy who can do both, it’s helpful because it takes the stress off other positions. But if you can’t, you can’t. The world is not going to end because we don’t have that.”

The return game was one of three areas where some speculated the Colts might change a long-standing philosophy.

I expected a return man, and I expected some added size on the offensive line. Two veteran additions, Adam Terry and Andy Alleman, do bring more size to the pool of linemen. While a lineman or two could arrive Saturday, I'm no longer convinced they'll be much bigger than the guys already on the roster.

I didn't envision a fullback for short-yardage run situations to be added, and I feel safe sticking with that.