Does TE pick say anything about Daniels?

Let’s resist jumping to conclusions here.

But I think we can cautiously say that the Texans pick of Garrett Graham, the tight end from Wisconsin taken 118th overall, might be insurance for Owen Daniels.

Daniels, a restricted free agent in line for a big contract, is recovering from a torn ACL -- the third that he’s suffered.

The Texans drafted a blocking tight end, Anthony Hill, in the fourth round last year and James Casey, a versatile H-back-ish type in the fifth.

While the Texans did OK without Daniels in the second half of last season, he’s a dynamic force in that offense. If he’s unavailable or limited, a steady tight end who can move around and make easy catches for Matt Schaub is a big ingredient. Write-ups suggest that Graham could have the savvy to be that guy.

Keith Hawkins of ESPN Stats & Information points out that in the first 112 picks of the draft, three tight ends were selected. Then from 113 to 118, three were taken. Perhaps when Houston saw Aaron Hernandez go to the Patriots at 113 and Dennis Pitta go to the Ravens at 114 they felt they had to make their move.

Earlier in the round the Texans took Miami linebacker Darryl Sharpton. Pro Football Weekly says Graham needs polish, but can help on special teams early.