Three teams draft return help

Picking up on Bill Polian’s comments from Friday night…

He said again Saturday that he wasn’t really in the market for one.

“I think that is a luxury,” Polian told Indianapolis reporters. “If you can find someone who can do both, that’s great. If you can’t, you can still do quite well, it just gives you a little less flexibility roster wise. That’s not a position I’m losing sleep over.”

His three AFC South counterparts aren’t losing sleep over it anymore either, but that’s because they each got a guy who should be able to help his team’s return games.

The Titans took receiver Damian Williams from USC in the third round. The Texans took return specialist Trindon Holliday from LSU in the sixth round. And the Jaguars took return specialist Scott McGee from James Madison in the sixth round.

Polian said he thought he couldn’t do better than Sam Giguere and Jerraud Powers as returners, but he later said he has “some trepidation” about using Powers in that capacity.

The Colts are content with mediocre or bad field position because a Peyton Manning offense can usually make up the extra yards. They can be harder to come by for the rest of the division, thus the attempts to upgrade.