Bill Polian on his last three picks

Some thoughts from Colts president Bill Polian on his final three picks in the draft and the Colts’ expectations for late-rounders and free agents.

On seventh-round defensive end Ricardo Mathews: “He is a power defensive end. He can also move inside and rush in the forefront. He is a real physical, hard-nosed tough football player. We like everything about him in that role. We think some of the things we are going to do on defense this year, we’ll have a specialized role for him and we feel really good about it.”

On seventh-round linebacker Kavell Conner: "He is very smart and very tuned in. He can fly around and run and hit guys, which is typical of the kind of linebackers that we like. He is very similar to Clint Session. Very similar."

On seventh-round cornerback Ray Fisher: "He is a kick and punt returner as well as a very good corner. He played obviously at a high level of competition and had a lot of success in the return game. We felt he was a dual-purpose guy, and a guy that could very likely make our team and contribute in a lot of ways as a ‘gunner’ on special teams and things of that nature, in addition to the return game.”

On success with late picks and undrafted rookies: "We, more than anybody, the statistics show we have more second-day draft choices and collegiate free agents who play critical roles for us than any team in the National Football League. In a salary cap environment, which I hope we’ll be going back to in a year, you have to do that. If you have highly paid stars that you keep, which we do, then you have to do that."