Can the Colts ever be known as a defensive team?

Might the Colts ever be known as a defensive team?

Indianapolis actually ranked better in overall defense (third in yardage) than offense (fifth) last year. The defense was first in point allowed while the offense was third in points scored.

Still, the star-power and the bigger names and salary cap dollars are on offense, where you'll find Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark.

Tony Dungy said it's hard to imagine a complete identity switch.

"I hope so," said Dungy, who played as a defensive back and came up as a defensive coach. "I don't know, because of the kind of mega-stars that we have on offense that we'll ever truly be perceived that way. But last year we did some things defensively. So if quietly we can build that, maybe that's just as good."

Said cornerback Kelvin Hayden: "I think that day will come. We'll be equal. Right now, even though we had a good year last year, we're not equal. And we shouldn't be. That was one season. We've got to come out here and prove that we can do it again. We want to actually prove that we can be even better."

Dwight Freeney, still out recovering from foot surgery, said a defense can never really max out.

"Listen, there is always room to improve until they don't get any points and any yards," Freeney said. "And probably after that there is still more room to improve, you have them go negative and backwards."