Sharper to Jags a great idea

Sharper Visiting Jacksonville (1:11)

Darren Sharper visiting Jacksonville and Dallas also showing interest (1:11)

My gut reaction to Darren Sharper visiting Jacksonville Wednesday: He’d be perfect.

Here is Adam Schefter’s report.

Reggie Nelson is sinking, and if his last chance comes with some mentoring from Sharper, that would be great. Gerald Alexander, Sean Considine and Anthony Smith, one scout recently told me, don’t qualify as starting-caliber NFL safeties.

Teams seem scared to death of veteran players, and if age catches up to Sharper all of a sudden this season, a team that signs him will be second-guessed.

Not here, not if it's Jacksonville. He’ll turn 35 in November, but he’d be the right chance to take at the right price.

The Jaguars didn't draft an answer at safety. If the Jags add Sharper after adding Aaron Kampman as a free agent and Kirk Morrison by trade, Gene Smith is saying he knows the team’s troubles can’t be solved entirely by youth, no matter how draft-centric they want to be.

Dallas is lurking. Jacksonville should get this done before Sharper leaves North Florida.

Here is an evaluation of Sharper as a Jaguar from Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc.:

"Assuming he is okay medically, I would say that he is a tremendous fit. They could still keep Nelson, but sit him on the bench and hopefully he would learn from a guy like Sharper. Sharper is no longer a high end free safety athlete, but you have to think that Jax's pass rush is improved. And due to Sharper's age, spelling him from time to time with Nelson would make sense. I get the feeling that their secondary could really use a veteran leader like Sharper and obviously he brings much more playmaking and ball hawking ability to the position than they have had for some time -- if he is healthy and hasn't lost any further athletic ability that is."