Titans impacted by Nashville flooding

Here's a link to some pictures of the lake that surrounds the Titans' practice facility that show how high it was Sunday. The MetroCenter area of Nashville, where Titans headquarters is, was evacuated.

The lake isn't necessarily the biggest worry, as the Cumberland River is nearby.

It's finally stopped raining in Music City, but the city and Middle Tennessee have suffered incredible flood damage after taking on nearly 2 feet of rain in two days.

These photos are from the outside in (look for the goalpost in the first one), not the inside out. Here's a story about longtime Tennessean photographer George Walker, who regularly shoots the Titans, who participated in the rescue of former Vanderbilt football coach George MacIntyre. And here's a link to the front of The Tennessean with extensive flood coverage.

LP Field, on the East bank of the Cumberland downtown, is also in trouble. Here's a picture from Music City Miracles.

Surely there are players and staff among the residents whose houses have been damaged and who've been put in dangerous situations by the ridiculous rain. Let's hope for all involved, NFL-connected or not, that the waters recede quickly.

I'm due to fly back from Jacksonville this afternoon, but it's unclear if Southwest will fly in and how I'd weave my way to the West side of town and back to my family with all of the road closures.