How you can help Nashville

This piece is a day old, and some things have changed for the better, with waters receding in flooded part of Nashville.

But Don Banks did a nice job providing a lot of descriptions of how bad things have been from a lot of names you know. Nashville is still marveling at the lack of national attention the flood’s gotten, and if the relatively minor problems the Titans’ facility and stadium had helped get more eyes on it, Music City will take it.

Here is a snippet of the piece quoting veteran linebackers coach Dave McGinnis.

"It was crazy. Just an unprecedented amount of water. I've been through a storm or two, but nothing like this. Jeff [Fisher] and I were in there [Sunday or Monday], and there were fish swimming in the team parking lot. Some pretty good sized carp, too. We walked across the street to look at that levee, and it was scary how fast that river was running. It was definitely a force of nature not to be fooled with.''

Nashville officials are steering people who can help with donations for Nashville or Middle Tennessee to The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.

Here's one more link of interest that's been getting talked up on sports talk radio: Nashville Predators' die-hard Patten Fuqua's take on how the city has come together.