Stephen Tulloch showing off workouts

Several reporters and writers joked at a recent Tennessee Titans OTA session that tweets from Stephen Tulloch about offseason adventures often seemed to coincide with OTA days.

Tulloch, who’s yet to sign his $2.621 million restricted free-agent tender, has not been with the team this offseason. (He’ll sign it by June 15 -- because the Titans can reduce it to 110 percent of his 2009 salary then if he hasn’t. But that won't mean he re-joins the team.)

I don’t think Tulloch was intentionally vacationing or heading for the spa on OTA days, and I never doubted he was working hard in South Florida to be super fit.

For anyone who might have a concern, he tweeted (@stephentulloch) a link to a workout video Wednesday. Because we don’t have rights to the profanity-laced background music, you’ll have to go find it through his Twitter or on YouTube for yourself if you care to watch.

I’m sure Titans strength and conditioning coach Steve Watterson is unimpressed. But that’s not the audience Tulloch is targeting.

This seems like a crafty use of social media here -- except for the profanity-laced background music part.