Jaguars' weakness: Wide receiver

This has been a sore spot in Jacksonville for a while. When you look at this offense right now, one question comes to mind: Would Terrell Owens help? The answer is yes. However, after whiffing on Jerry Porter, the Jaguars have been reluctant to pursue receivers in free agency.

Even though this is clearly a weak spot, the Jaguars did not upgrade the position at all in the draft. They go into the season with Mike Sims-Walker and Mike Thomas as the starters. Those two combined for 111 receptions last season, which is respectable for a team that prides itself on running the ball. However, each player lacks explosiveness and big-play ability.

A lot of the blame for the Jaguars’ failures on offense last season was placed on quarterback David Garrard, but the receivers really should have shared a lot of that blame. Sims-Walker took his game up a notch last season, but he is more of a possession-type receiver who would be a No. 2 or No. 3 on most teams.

Thomas is a short receiver who is better suited to playing in the slot. He lacks the physicality to consistently shake free on the outside.

The depth here is almost non-existent as Troy Williamson has never blossomed and fourth receiver Kassim Osgood is a better special-teams player than receiver.

Jacksonville will once again have to rely on the run, and Garrard will once again lack guys on the outside who can make plays for him.