Chat wrap: Costner still made it

I was accused of being snarky during Thursday’s AFC South chat.

Any jury would find me guilty, I know.

But it’s part of the fun, right?

Here’s a sampling of the conversation:

Kevin Costner (D.C.)

Paul, I'm sure you've heard that I'm now advising a committee with my brilliant invention that separates oil from water. Time to save the world from BP. Care to be my right-hand man?

Paul Kuharsky

Love to serve, thanks. I knew you were really up to big things behind the scenes at Waterworld, thus the shaky script and performance.

Brian (Jacksonville, FL)

What do you think of the OTA "fight" in Jacksonville this week?

Paul Kuharsky

Substantially overblown.

Steve (Ann Arbor)

Any chance Titans take on TO after CJ's suggestion?

Paul Kuharsky

Yeah, they're setting up an office for CJ next to Reinfeldt's. They want a third-year running back who's not doing his part to help them make personnel decisions.

Marc (Charlotte)

Ever had a Maple Bar? Are they really so good that you have to commit a crime to get one?

Paul Kuharsky

I would like to have first hand knowledge, I admit.

Josh ((SF))

Paul, how did watching the Texans OTAs change your outlook on their chances for this year?

Paul Kuharsky

I don't allow OTAs to have that much influence on my thinking. Nor should you. It's closer to flag football than an NFL Sunday.

Catch the whole chat here.

I love Costner, and he almost always shows up to the chat, even when he's trying to solve a world crisis.