Heisman from 2005 isn't Vince Young's

Vince Young wanted the 2005 Heisman Trophy and he was disappointed when he didn’t win it.

I don’t think he wants it now, and he shouldn’t.

If USC cheated to get Reggie Bush on the field, that’s unfortunate. The NCAAs hit USC with some serious punishment for violations in that time period.

But the fact is Bush was on the field and he had a big year and the voters judged him the best college football player of the season.

That’s why I think he should keep it and align with what both Ivan Maisel and Pat Yasinskas wrote.

If the Heisman folks make the mistake of taking the trophy away from Bush, it should be vacated, not go to Young. If Bush loses it, it doesn’t mean Young won it.

I’d expect the Titans quarterback is not worrying about 2005 with what’s on his plate in 2010.