Does Young deserve league discipline?

Vince Young Altercation Impact (1:51)

John Clayton talks about the impact Vince Young's altercation will have (1:51)

I’m heading out to Titans practice shortly and will bring you reaction from the team and from Vince Young, assuming he talks, following his Sunday citation for misdemeanor assault in a strip-club fight.

For all the debate Young has stirred up in his four seasons with the Titans, he’s been a good citizen. Does this development dent that résumé?

Under the personal conduct policy, the league tends to be lenient for first-time offenders. But with all of the negative attention brought to the NFL by Ben Roethlisberger this offseason -- and I’m not comparing what Young did to what Roethlisberger is alleged to have done -- the spotlight on players got even brighter.

I wonder if commissioner Roger Goodell is a bit quicker to discipline a player who put himself in a bad situation now.

It’s been categorized as equivalent to a traffic citation and comes with a maximum fine of $500. Do the setting and behavior make it bigger than that to Goodell?

Will Young be disciplined by Goodell? Should he be?

I’m curious to hear where you stand.