McGee expects to field punts and kicks

Return games are a universal storyline in the AFC South, with Houston’s Jacoby Jones the only returning returner likely to hold on to a job from last season.

That means seven slots are open.

Jacksonville’s sixth-round pick out of James Madison, Scotty McGee, is hoping to fill both the punt and kick return slots for the Jaguars.

He talked to the Jacksonville media Monday, and courtesy of the teams’ public relations staff I am able to provide this snippet:

What do you think you can do as a return man?

“We’ve installed both kick return and punt return. I feel very confident about both in contributing to the team and helping us get great field position and points on the board.”

What’s your best attribute as a return guy?

“I think it’s just my explosiveness. I don’t waste time getting to the hole. Once I see it I get there. If it’s not there, I’m still going there. If I see a small crease I’m taking it.”

Are you expecting to be both the punt and kick returner?

“Yes I am.”

How much did you do both in college?

“I did both. I actually learned my junior year how to catch punts. I’ve been doing kick returns for four years and punt returns for two.”

Is there a difference between those two?

“Yes. On punt returns you really have to be able to read the tip of the ball, whether the tip of the ball is up or down, and just gauge where you need to align. Just how you go about fielding the ball is just completely different. On kick returns on you kind of want to roll into the catch. On punt returns you want to have your body square and catch the ball up above your numbers.”

You didn’t mention that a guy might be right in your face on a punt return?

“I don’t worry about that. I trust my guys around me to make the blocks. If I got to fair catch, I’ll fair catch. I can make guys miss.”