And later, CJ did talk contract...

After taking no questions about his contract during a short chat with the media during his football camp, Chris Johnson got around to it later.

And when he talked to Jim Wyatt he said the most yet about his dissatisfaction with his contract, which we’ve sketched out as a five-year, $10.83 million package that included $6.885 million in guarantees.

Johnson’s made $7.27 million so far and can make $3.56 million over the next three years including a base salary of $550,000 this fall.

“I can’t play for $550,000. The money that I am playing for, I am getting paid less than the starting 11 (on offense) and I’m one of the lowest paid starting running backs in the league.’’

Johnson’s agent, Joel Segal, was on hand for the camp but declined to comment. It’s not known if he met with or has plans to meet with the Titans.

“This is a business, and at the end of the day I am the player and he is the business man. He advises me,’’ Johnson said. “I handle what happens on the field, and he handles everything else and he is working to take care of me.

“But it is my decision at the end of the day. Right now, I am not sure what is going to happen. I just hope they pay me, but I don’t know.’’

Johnson's former partner in Smash and Dash, LenDale White, also had some interesting things to say about his past few months, his use of marijuana and his old USC coach.