Mailbag: On receivers, OTAs and critics

David from Orange Park, Fla., writes: The NFL just cancelled the remainder of the Jaguars OTA's for the spring. I believe the term used by the NFL was that the OTA's were too "intense." It's no secret that the league wants to increase the number of regular season games to 18. Is the NFL sending a signal to the players that team activities during the offseason are going to be monitored more closely to minimize the injury factor? The NFL appears to be laying the foundation for CBA negotiations to expand the regular season and to modify the offseason workout activities for their teams.

Paul Kuharsky: It’s not just the league, it’s the league and the NFL Players Association. It’s clear the players aren’t putting up with business as usual, putting the league in position to have no choice but to crack down. Someone’s reported the Ravens, Raiders, Jags and Lions. I would too. If the rules are bargained for and on the books, they should be enforced.

If they go to 18 games, the offseason work will get lightened.

Philippe Bourdon from Bristol, Conn., writes: Of course Vince Young should be disciplined. What does it matter if he received the equivalent of a Motor Vehicle citation? What did Ben Roethlisberger receive the equivalent of? Oh, that's right, the equivalent of nothing... He wasn't charged. If Goodell doesn't discipline Young, he will only emphasize what he is, and that is extremely inconsistent in his ruling. The NFLPA should never have granted him so much power when it comes to player behavior. Shame on them and shame on Goodell for abusing his power.

Paul Kuharsky: Actually Goodell’s not inconsistent with first-time offenders whose troubles weren’t major. They don’t get suspended.

Justin from French Lick, Ind., writes: Since Albert Haynesworth wants a trade, do you think the colts would have enough money to try and trade for him. He would be a big help in the middle of the field. Maybe try and package draft picks with Mathis, since we draft Hughes in the first round?

Paul Kuharsky: They drafted Jerry Hughes to learn behind Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis, not to immediately replace one and then have no third outside rusher again.

They don’t want a Haynesworth type and they don’t generally deal picks for players.

Peter in Nashville writes: What is this I just read about a chat hiatus? Are you serious? C'mon. I work at a bank. The most exciting thing going on here is that a new Sweet Cici's is opening across the street. Cut me a break. There are only so many ways for me to waste time. Your chats got me through my statistics class last semester; help me out a little more. Thank ya much.

Paul Kuharsky: I have some vacation coming up. You want me fresh for camp and the season, no?

Jim from Greenville, S.C., writes: Who makes the roster of the three Titans WR's Marc Mariani, Dominique Edison or Paul Williams? Is there a chance two make the roster?

Paul Kuharsky: Lavelle Hawkins is the X factor to me. Presuming he holds fourth, then right now I’d guess Damian Williams will wind up fifth, Mariani sixth, Edison seventh and missing out, Paul Williams finally gone.

My brother lives in Taylors. We were down there Memorial Day weekend. Downtown Greenville is fantastic.

“Critic” from parts unknown writes: Your response to the reader questioning the media's regularly positive take of Peyton Manning and their general lack of scrutiny towards him despite his mediocre postseason totals, including his win/loss record was very unprofessional in my humble opinion. You treated the guy like it was blasphemy to even attempt to measure the greatness of a QB by his postseason play, and I know you will probably not think twice about my comments to you, but perhaps you should check your cocky, pretentious attitude at the door before you respond to your loyal readers. Just a thought

Paul Kuharsky: Of course it’s not blasphemy. But downgrading Manning’s regular season success is just silly. And people expect me to call silly, silly.

If you read me with any regularity, I’m kind of hard-nosed and sarcastic. Works well for a lot of people, not as well for others.

I always appreciate hearing from both sides -- especially when they attach their name to their email.