Fantasy debate: Johnson vs. Peterson

It’s never too early to talk fantasy. So ESPN.com’s Christopher Harris considers whom to draft first, Adrian Peterson or Chris Johnson.

I could not more wholeheartedly second his opinion that

"We are sometimes, I think to our detriment, incapable of forgetting the last thing we've seen, or imagining a future that doesn't closely conform to the recent past. Like an infant, we catalog what's directly before us and assume it will ever be thus."

But Harris says he’d go Peterson over Johnson as his top fantasy choice, Johnson’s contract situation notwithstanding. I can't notwithstand that.

A) You should hold your draft as close to opening day as possible. Within hours of Vikings-Saints kickoff on Thursday, Sept. 9 if possible.

B) If Johnson is still not with the Titans, you should put him at the top of your DO NOT TOUCH list.

I agree it’s more likely we see a repeat of Peterson's short-yardage scoring success than Johnson's big breakaways. But I’d be monitoring Peterson’s fumble tendencies in camp and preseason games very closely.

I'll inevitably choose 10th or 11th in my league -- dubbed "Pass the Patron" last year in LenDale White's honor -- so this won't be much of a concern for me.

But enough about me. Whom would you take?