Titans, CJ talk short-term compromise

If a small contract boost from the Tennessee Titans will temporarily satisfy Chris Johnson and get both sides to 2011, the team could be lining up for some good news.

JohnsonJohnsonJim Wyatt reports the team could convert an incentive into bonus to boost Johnson’s $550,000 scheduled salary this fall by an additional $2.5 million.

Is news of this conversation an instance where the team gets its olive-branch offer some publicity? If so, the Titans could be attempting to both sway some public perception and let it be known to Johnson they’d do a little a year before they’d do a lot.

With a lockout looming after the season, however, there are no assurances of what would happen for Johnson in 2011 as he heads into the third year of his original contract.

I never thought anything amounting to a gesture would be sufficient to placate Johnson and prompt him to put aside his issues with his contract, considering he told Wyatt earlier this summer that he wants $30 to $40 million guaranteed in a new deal.

(Don’t jump me -- I understand $2.5 million is not a gesture to normal people. To an NFL player with huge yards, huge expectations and contract that already includes that money later, however, it may well be.)

Until I hear an indication from Johnson’s side that he’s willing to consider something like this, I’m skeptical.

But he said he couldn’t play 2010 for $550,000, and this plan would solve that without him technically giving in. And he's unlikely to do better.