Chat wrap: I'll shave my head

We had a brilliant chat Thursday and I accept your apologies for missing exchanges like these:

Jim Fassel (Las Vegas Locomotives)

How much longer are the Titans gonna hold on to WR Paul Williams? I need some backups out here.

Paul Kuharsky

He's yours by end of preseason at the latest.

Kim jong Ill (Your house)

Why does the national media paint the Jaguars as a horrible team?

Paul Kuharsky

Because they don't sellout. Where are you, exactly?

Charles (Goodlettsville)

What is your favorite sports book? Reading, not gambling.

Paul Kuharsky

Thanks for being clear. Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby is tough to beat.

Ricky Bobby (winnersville population uno)

If the Titans win the Super Bowl this year will you shave your head?

Paul Kuharsky

Also if they don't.

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