Intimidating manifesto released

I promote late-as-possible fantasy drafts. But I know the homework period begins for many even before players put on pads for the first time in camp.

So I refer you to the new edition of Matthew Berry’s Draft Manifesto, an excellent annual read that primes you for key issues and strategies.

Here’s an important excerpt:

“That's the crux of this year's Manifesto. We're devaluing running backs and we're grabbing a ton of them. Quantity, not quality, kids.

“Value and points come from all over the draft board. The season is a long one and there will be many surprises along the way. The important thing is to have the depth and roster flexibility to weather whatever the season throws at you. We get 16 slots in an ESPN standard league, right? I want you to wind up with a roster that has one quarterback, one tight end, one defense and one kicker. And yes, 12, count 'em, 12 combined running backs and wide receivers.”

Once you’ve read this, I suspect you can spend hours burning company time playing around in mock drafts.

As I guy who’s been in them before, I just beg you to do one thing -- click the auto-pick button if there is a chance you won’t be around for a pick or a section of a mock. Don’t make everyone else wait on you if you’re not actually there.