AFC South youngest division right now

NFC maestro and Excel wizard Mike Sando maintains records of players’ first steps and words, heights and weights, favorite films and museums, marital status, birthdates and social security numbers.

Out of all that, he can wave his wand and create a post like this one, that shows average age by team right now.

In it, he explains that the chart number “count undrafted free agents and unsigned draft choices. They do not count kickers, punters or snappers because older players at those positions could distort averages in a misleading way.”

He goes oldest to youngest, but I like to flip it as I tend to think of youth and ranking high in it as a good thing.

So upside-down, we get this for the AFC South right now:

  • Colts, third-youngest, 25.14 years

  • Texans, sixth-youngest, 25.62 years

  • Jaguars, seventh-youngest, 25.66 years

  • Titans, 10th youngest, 25.74 years

That makes the division the NFL’s youngest on average, by a large margin.

Take third, sixth, seventh and 10th and they average 6.5. The next lowest average youth rank is the NFC South, at 11. The AFC North is tops, at 26.25.