They said it, not me: Warner's better than Manning

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
This ought to generate quite a bit of debate.

Here's a link to a Cold, Hard Football Facts article, which takes a thorough look at Arizona Cardinals Super Bowl-bound quarterback Kurt Warner, and offers quite a case that he's better than Peyton Manning -- particularly when it comes to the playoffs.

A snippet:

Warner is far less likely to lay an egg in the postseason:

Manning has had a postseason passer rating of less than 40 three different times in 15 games.

Warner has never had a game that bad, let alone three -- in his worst statistical game, his passer rating was 56.2.

Have a look, and discuss.

Please excuse me for a bit -- I'm not a big believer in people's willingness not to shoot the messenger, so I'm taking cover.