If the Titans could add any one player ...

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
With a tremendous postseason performance that's put such a focus on Larry Fitzgerald, Titans fans are seeing the kind of dynamic wide receiver performance they've pined for since the team moved to Tennessee in 1997.

Fitzgerald, or even Anquan Boldin, the Arizona Cardinals' second receiver who was upset by his lack of playing time in the NFC Championship Game, could transform the Titans' offense, adding the playmaking threat to the receiving corps that would so nicely complement the speed out of the backfield with Chris Johnson.

All of which got me thinking broadly about the AFC South and a different sort of plus-one system.

I'm not big on the imaginary, but it seems an appropriate hot-stove question: If each team in the division could add any one player from elsewhere in the league, who would it be and what could he do for his new team?

While we'll discuss more than one position for other teams, and perhaps you can sway me here, but it seems the Titans' conversation should be about receivers.

Does Andre Johnson fit their physical mold best? Does Fitzgerald's youth, ridiculous athleticism and ability to adjust to jump balls make him too good to resist for a team with uncertainty at quarterback in the coming years? Are they both better options than Steve Smith, who is smaller and older?

I invite you to chime in -- with comments here or notes to the mailbag. After I see what you have to say, I will make a plus-one selection for the Titans by week's end.