What's Caldwell looking for in Meeks' replacement?

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
The Colts just announced that Ron Meeks, their defensive coordinator for the last seven seasons, has resigned.

It's the second major coaching departure since Jim Caldwell inherited the head coaching job from Tony Dungy. Special teams coach Russ Purnell did not get his contract renewed.

As is often the case with a coordinator on the same side of the ball as the head coach, it wasn't always clear how much control Meeks had under Dungy, who was brought to Indianapolis largely because of his defensive prowess and success with the Tampa 2.

We may not know exactly what change Caldwell is looking for with this move until we see who he hires.

Will the Colts move away from the zone scheme that has defined their defensive personality?

Will they move away from small linemen and linebackers, going a little bigger at some spots while sacrificing the qualities they've put a real premium on defensively -- speed and quickness?

Will they remain committed to strong safety Bob Sanders despite his propensity for injuries that cost him long stretches of games?