In our plus-one game, the Texans select...

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
Early this week I invited you to join me in playing a little fantasy football and asked this: If the Houston Texans could add any one player in the NFL, who would the best choice be?

The Texans' biggest needs are on defense -- I believe along the defensive line where Mario Williams doesn't have enough help and at safety where they need a playmaking and stabilizing force.

Before I make a pick on behalf of the team, let's look at what some of you had to say:

Mad Mike in Houston: Paul: If the Texans could add any one player it would have to be Troy Polamalu. Ed Reed is very good on the backend with picks and getting the most out of them, but Troy has a big effect in all aspects of the defense. Haynesworth is an obvious choice, but at a cost of 10m per year, I think with Amobi Okoye and another DT could be okay. Not diminishing Alberts value just based on my thoughts. Troy or someone like that would have the biggest impact for the Texans. Thanks.....MM

Robby in League City, TX: Albert Haynesworth would be hard to pass up, but Polamalu would do wonders for their shaky secondary that badly needs some help. If any change needs to be made on the defensive line, my vote is for a defensive end opposite Mario, possibly a Julius Peppers type that can stop the run as well as improve the pass rush.

Chris in Austin: One player for the Texans... in the entire NFL, very tough choice. I would want someone young who's in or approaching their prime, like Jared Allen (much as I hate him for killing our playoff hopes in 2008). Polamalu is a good choice, and I would also love to have Bart Scott as an OLB. He'd translate well to a 4-3 with his cover skills - and he'd bring something the Texans are sorely lacking IMO - a nasty attitude.

Unknown in Houston: It's already hard enough to choose from the options you gave in your blog. The Texans need a play-making Safety but they also need an additional interior defensive lineman. I think that Coach Kubiak and GM Smith should draft BJ Raji at DT in the first round and Rashad Johnson will in the second given both are available. With that being said, I would still go after and get an additional defensive lineman. I would love to see the Texans pick up Haynesworth, Peppers, or Rocky Bernard who I think is under appreciated because he plays in Seattle. These additions could turn this Texans defense around allowing players like Mario, Okoye, and DeMeco to make plays. Of course, this is a dream for a Texans fan because we are just waiting to be a playoff team year in and year out. I quick thought also is for the Texans to resign Dunta and still try to go after Nmandi in Oakland. Thanks

Kevin in Portland: Paul- In regards to the Texans +1 question, I have an idea. While a play making safety would be awesome (like your suggestions on Polamalu and Reed) I think a defensive tackle would bring equal benefits, and would make our existing secondary look a lot better. However, Haynesworth is not the mad on the top of my list. Give me Haloti Ngata. I know he plays in a 3-4, but she has shown tremendous pass rush ability, is a space eater against the run, and is younger than Haynesworth. Also, with him, you avoid the character issues. I know it is a pipe dream, but what do you think

leonwa: The Texans have ignored its defensive backfield almost as much as it ignored its offensive line needs. A dynamic do-it-all like Polamalu would be a major upgrade.

Good comments all, and a pretty good consensus that a defensive lineman or safety can add the most.

This whole idea started with Titans fans craving a guy like Larry Fitzgerald while seeing him elevate his game in the playoffs.

With a dose of that same sort of playoff success working in his favor, I'm going Polamalu over Reed.

In the AFC South Blog's Plus One, the Texans select Troy Polamalu.