In our plus-one game, the Colts select...

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
Early this week I invited you to join me in playing a little fantasy football and asked this: If the Indianapolis Colts could add any one player in the NFL, who would the best choice be?

The obvious spot that the team needs to address is defensive tackle. The Colts rely on smaller, quicker guys on defense. They'll look to beef up some in the middle of the line to bolster the run defense, but how big is big enough?

If they could have anyone in the league, a lot of their followers didn't waste time jumping on a big anchor for the middle of the line. A sampling of what you had to say before I make a pick.

Ekiel01: I think Boldin would make a great pick up. Manning has never had a receiver that big and physical WR that can make plays and they do not need to rely on timing to make plays. I don't think there is a WR in the draft that can be a Fitzgerald or Johnson.
Also, They need some help one the O line and I do not believe any of the centers drafted can take the place of Saturday. I believe Haynesworth is good but he is older and only seems to play his best in contract years.

Tschman13: Has to be Haynesworth. Colts have always been weak in the middle and could use a big body who can eat up 2 or more blockers and would drastically improve Freeney's and Mathis' numbers since they would get more one on one opportunities.

Other nice to haves:

RB that runs hard. Still kills me to know that the Colts passed over MoJo and took Addai.
O-Line - Seems to be getting old and is pushed around often. Run blocking was terrible last year.
Secondary and WR - I think these positions are good. Harrison hasnt contributed much the last 2 years and I think Wayne, Gonzales, and Clark are top 5.

SQClosers09: The Colts need Ray Lewis to get the defense to finally stop the run.

Brad: T. J. Houshmandzadeh! Manning and Housh had great chemistry in the pro bowl. I think if Manning had TJ, Reggie, Gonzo and Dallas Clark that you would be looking at 51 TDS. Of course, taking the record back from TB. TJ would have more impact than any one defensive player.

Sidram7: If there is one player the Colts should add, and the actually can, it's Darren Sproles.
They definitely need a return man, and he's about as hot as anyone in the game. they could use a breakaway threat at RB, and he's killed them 2 yrs in a row. The best way to stop him, is add him to the roster.

Luke from South Bend, IN: My choice for a player to add to the Colts would easily be an Albert Haynesworth-type DT. It's the one piece missing in the Colts' defense. It's a necessary piece to the Cover-2. Pair Haynesworth with a fully healthy Dwight Freeney, Robert Mathis and Raheem Brock or Keyunta Dawson and the pass rush will be great. Bob Sanders will help man the back end and help in run support, and the linebackers will play better with another year under their belts. The DT would help against the run and help get the defense off the field on third down, which was one of their biggest problems this year. That puts Manning and the offense on the field more, and means more points.

Unknown from York, PA: If the colts could get one player, i would like to see an albert haynesworth on the defensive line. Could u imagine freeney, haynesworth, johnson, and mathis on that defensive line and the havoc it could cause? As far as recievers, we still have wayne, gonzalez, a young peirre garcon and roy hall as well as a skilled tight end crew. Offensive line is still very good when healthy. And i feel addai's problem was his nagging injuries. We also have mike hart, and chad simpson at running back.

Seth from Denver, CO: I would like to see the Colts move away from their offense first mentality when it comes to personnel. Manning is still going to be Manning whether he has two premiere receivers or not. Even if Harrison is let go, the Colts will still be able to spread the ball around. That's why I think the most valuable person for the Colts would be Albert Haynesworth.

By a large margin, readers wanted Haynesworth, who could actually be available if the Titans can't lock him up before free agency starts Feb. 27. The Colts have cap issues and don't generally chase big-ticket free agents. That mean they won't be a bidder.


In the AFC South Blog's Plus One, the Colts select Albert Haynesworth.