Early Influence: Series wrap

Virtually every guy I talked to for the "Early Influence" series that wrapped up Friday morning seemed pleased to be given a chance to think back and talk about someone who’s not gotten a lot of notoriety.

I appreciate those of you who sent word you liked the series, and I understand those of you who found it tedious at the finish and also expressed yourself. While I was not on vacation, I tried to mix them in with plenty of other posts.

I learned and thought of a few things as these unfolded:

  • The vast majority of guys look to their dads (and we had one mom) or to their high school coaches when pointing to the person they feel had the biggest, lasting early impact on their football careers.

  • The most popular characteristic, trait or habit that started early and ultimately helped a guy get to the NFL was in some way tied to work ethic.

  • Nobody said he didn’t have one.

  • Mine were Peter Herzberg and Arlene Walker.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming.

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