Peyton Manning on Gonzalez, contract

Peyton Manning’s talk with the media Sunday produced two points of interest for me, one on Anthony Gonzalez, one on his contract.

ManningManningIf Gonzalez is healthy and Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie continue on the courses they set for themselves last year, then the Colts could be stacked with that trio and Reggie Wayne at receiver while Dallas Clark catches balls as the lead tight end.

“I had dinner with Gonzo last night and he sounds really good," Manning said in the team’s transcript. “We had kind of July off and we spent a little time down in Tennessee some. Gonzalez and Collie came down there and worked out with me because he missed mini-camp. He wanted to get down there and get some reps. He and I had three really good days of throwing where I thought he looked good and I thought he looked quick, had a good burst on all his routes. So his hamstring, I think, that is fully healed. I know he’s really excited to be here in training camp and get started with truly kind of a fresh start to the 2010 season. I know the 2009 was frustrating for him. So, I’m excited for him. There is going to be good healthy competition at the wide receiver position all across the board. All those guys are going to make a big impact for our team this year.”

As for Manning’s contract…

“Well it’s not a distraction because I’m under contract," Manning said. "It’s one thing if I’m here and didn’t have (one). I’m under contract though. I’m ready to play football and I’m excited about this season. So, as I’ve said before, I have not spoken about a future contract in 12 years. I’ve always played on the contract I’ve been under and when it’s time to talk about it, when something is to be signed or something to be announced, I’ve talked about it. That policy has served me pretty well for 12 years going on 13 so I think I’m going to keep that policy. I’m in a frame of mind physically. I feel good mentally and I’m looking forward to hopefully having a good 2010.”

If Manning’s deal, which owner Jim Irsay has promised will make the four-time MVP the league’s highest-paid player, is slow developing, it’s going to hinder other guys looking for new contracts, I believe.

All any GM has to tell any agent complaining about his client being in contractual limbo is, ‘Well, so is Peyton Manning, and if it’s good enough for him, it should be OK for your guy too.”