Kenny Britt's got to get it together

John Glennon writes that drops remain an issue for Kenny Britt.

That’s obviously bad news, but better that he struggles now than later.

"The biggest thing for Kenny is the consistency,'' offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger said. "There just has to be more consistency to what he does. He can't be on for one play and make something spectacular happen, and then off for four plays. He's got to work on the consistency and that's not happening yet.''

Concentration sounds easy and I tend to dismiss it as an acceptable issue. But Britt is hardly the only guy in the AFC South who’s got an issue in that department.

He’s got to get it resolved.

I might put Britt third on the list of guys who have to play well this season for the Titans to contend for a wild card berth -- with Michael Griffin first and Vince Young second.

Britt can be spectacular. He’s physical. He gets off jams at the line superbly.

But he’s running with the second team now, and as I’ve said in the past, it’s a huge disappointment if he doesn’t rank as the team’s best receiver on opening day against Oakland.