Three things: Texans at Cardinals

Three things I’ll be looking for in Texans at Arizona:

Dan Orlovsky: Last preseason he got passed by Rex Grossman, but Grossman is in Washington now and the Texans have no alternative to Orlovsky as the backup to Matt Schaub. Schaub played an excellent 16-game season last year, but it would be nice if the Texans knew not all would be lost if he went down for a couple games.

Defensive tackles: Gary Kubiak listed rookies Earl Mitchell and Malcolm Sheppard as two players he’ll be very interested to see in action. The Texans need more of an interior pass rush and if these guys can help provide it, their opportunities will only grow. It would be good for Amobi Okoye to play well as he looks to hold them off.

Run blocking: The backs are an obvious theme as the Texans begin to try to sort out Steve Slaton, Arian Foster, Ben Tate and Chris Henry. But interior line blocking may be as big an issue and the team will get its first major read on how things will play out there. Runs in the red zone, a point of emphasis all offseason, will be of particular interest.