Loggains mixing it up for Titans QBs

Often during the individual period of NFL practice -- when position groups work with their coaches -- I see a ton of repetition.

Some of it is good. Some of it has to be painfully boring and predictable.

So whenever I see something new, I take note.

In Nashville, Dowell Loggains is the new quarterbacks coach and he’s changed things up.

“I’m trying to do new stuff every day where they don’t get bored with the same old routine,” said Loggains, who moved into the job when Craig Johnson moved to running backs with Kennedy Pola’s abrupt departure from Jeff Fisher’s staff. “And we try to make it close to game-like scenarios and put them in those situations as much as we can.”

Vince Young, Kerry Collins, Chris Simms and Rusty Smith have been throwing at a screen with three pockets. It’s common on a lot of practice fields for accuracy drills.

“They get to compete and they get into it,” Loggains said. “It's 'Twenty bucks says I hit the middle square' and stuff like that. It’s a way to get them to compete but they are really working.”

And when the QBs drop back in a drill where they need to shift away from pressure, instead of simply following hand signals from their coach, they are reacting to giant balls being rolled at them by Loggains from close range.

“With the ball rolling at them, they have to react,” Loggains said. “They’re not sitting there staring at me, their eyes are downfield and when a ball rolls at them they have to react to it. Very seldomly do you get to take a five-step drop, set up and not have to move your feet.

“And that’s what we want, them playing with a base and that helps create that. I want them to feel the sensation -- maybe the three-technique just swam our guard and he’s uncovered and you’ve got to drift and throw and get rid of the ball.”

Loggains said he’s just getting started and there will be plenty more to come to keep things fresh for his guys. The running backs are getting some new drills with Johnson, too.

It’s an example of why even on a stable staff, change can be good.