Get out the chisel, here's the Texans' Mount Rushmore

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
At the start of the month, in conjunction with a bigger project unfolding in its final stages on "SportsCenter" this week, I asked you which faces belong on a Mount Rushmore for the Texans.

You provided some great feedback with comments and notes to the mailbag.

With just seven seasons of history, none of them better than the 8-8 of the last two, this is a special case.

Here's a sampling of what you had to say:

Unknown from magnolia, TX: Texans Mount Rushmore= BoB Mcnair, Gary Kubiak, Andre Johnson, Mario Williams Go Texans! Playoffs 2009!

delfiorio: Pick four fans at random or something. A team that's never made the playoffs in their team history doesn't have a Mt. Rushmore.

Kevin in Portland: Paul- Texans Mount Rushmore has one no brainer, then there is a lot of conjecture. I think AJ is an obvious choice. A two time Pro-Bowler and an All Pro. Slam Dunk. The second has to be Mario Williams. Even if Mario hadn't exploded in years two and three, his selection as the first pick in the draft was a turning point (hopefully for the better) in the franchise. Third I think you have to go with Bob McNair, owner. Mr. McNair brought the NFL back to Houston, when many thought L.A. expansino was a foregone conclusion, and he is as classy an owner as any franchise couldbe lucky enough to have. My final spot is sure to cause controversy, but oh well. I go with Charley Casserly. Sure, he did many things that were not wonderful for this franchise, as when we started he was working from an outdated model. However, his 2006 draft class might be the best of any team that year, and has the potential to be an "all-time" type draft. Drafting three pro-bowlers (Williams, Ryans, Daniels) as well as a bookend tackle who should make the pro bowl in the near future. (Winston, who I am convinced would make the Pro-Bowl if he was on the left side somewhere.) Not to mention the drafting in the 7th round of David Anderson, and the shrewd signing of Kevin Walter. Not bad for a guy who got ran out of town.

Mad Mike in Houston: Paul: The Texans Mount Rushmore is pretty easy really. I would have Mario, Daunta, Andre Johnson.......and me representing the fans as a season ticket holder since day one.....Thanks, MM

sbober83: Warren Moon, Bruce Matthews, Andre Johnson, and Ernst Givens.
Jimmy Neil in Houston: The Texans' Mount Rushmore should include the images of Andre Johnson (for obvious reasons), Gary Kubiak (for pulling the organization out of the seventh level of you-know-what, Charley Casserly-style), Mario Williams (for toughing it out when most people wanted to run him out of town), and Mel Kiper (for claiming that the Texans had made "one of the worst picks ever" by passing on Reggie Bush - good call, Mel).

Max in Houston: As a Texans fan, its not going to be pleasant looking back, so my Rushmore is going to be looking toward the future. We feel like we have some pieces in place, so lets let our optimism on our future reign and put Kubiak, Shaub, Slaton, and Ryans on our mountain as a warning to the rest of the league. The Texans are coming.

lilbigmac2005: andre johnson, mario williams, demeco ryans, and then a coin toss between kris brown and chester pitts... Plus throw in a grass stained carr jersey just for giggles.
lithoid2006: Why waste a good mountain???

Oddest nominations: Mad Mike (fan), Mel Kiper, Tony Boselli.

Key debate and what surprised me: Lots of support for kicker Kris Brown. I understand he's good and a sentimental favorite. But I can't give a mountain monument spot to a kicker just because there are not better options. If he'd hit kicks to win playoff games, it would be a different deal.

Hardest to leave off: Dunta Robinson, maybe.

I go with a receiver who's as good as anyone in the league right now, a pass-rusher who looks to be well on course to justifying his selection with the No. 1 overall pick and the owner who stepped forward to get the NFL back to Houston and who runs a first-class operation.

And so, the Houston Texans Mount Rushmore is: Andre Johnson, Mario Williams and Bob McNair. And while they are being sculpted, we're going to buy some time for that fourth face to emerge.