Why Arian Foster is so upbeat

FosterFosterA lot of Houston’s hopes of improvement rest with Arian Foster. A lot of fantasy owners will be counting on him too.

He’s an interesting guy, and he was recently on KILT in Houston.

Here’s a quality excerpt that shows he’s not your typical player.

On his words of wisdom on the Texans’ website, including this gem: “I think that the rain is unbiased and the recipient of this downfall has the option to accept this or yell at the clouds his whole life:"

“I think it means life just hands you what it hands you. I think that 90 percent of somebody’s outcome is probably their attitude and how their mindset is going into it. People get handed bad things all the time in life and it’s all about how you take it. If you take it negatively then you’re probably going to have more negatives to come. If you have a positive outlook on life, I think your life will lead you in a positive direction.”

On, considering his words of wisdom and philosophy degree, what he’d like to do after football:

“I’m somewhat of an entrepreneur. I’d like to explore some options out there. They’re all premature ideas right now, but a couple of things that I’ve been thinking about, like me and my brother want to get into some physical training, opening up a new physical training center. … Just a lot of little, small business ventures.”

Read a bit more and/or listen to the whole thing here.