Scouts Inc.'s take on indispensable

Picking up on today’s indispensable player theme, Matt Williamson’s put together his listInsider of the top 32 non-quarterbacks in the NFL.

It’s an Insider piece, but I can share the AFC South highlights.

1. Chris Johnson -- He is “the definition of indispensable.”

2. Andre Johnson -- this entire offense rests on the wide, sturdy shoulders of Johnson

8. Maurice Jones-Drew -- He runs inside with power or can get to the perimeter and take it to the house. He excels at catching the football and is stellar in pass protection.

17. Dwight Freeney -- Might Indianapolis be Super Bowl champion right now if Freeney's ankle had been right a few months ago? Maybe.

Williamson and I differ on Houston.

Obviously Andre Johnson is a huge key to what the Texans do. Coverages would be different without him. But Matt Schaub does have other competent targets to throw to if the Texans lost Johnson -- Owen Daniels, Kevin Walter, Jacoby Jones, David Anderson and Steve Slaton.

I think Mario Williams would be more difficult to play without, largely because the Texans don’t have another proven sack-producer.