Manning from Aug. 17 on umpire position

On Aug, 17, Peyton Manning discussed the relocation of the umpire for the first 28 minutes of each half. That was two days after Indy lost its preseason opener to San Francisco.

The umpire’s position will be a giant issue now. The Colts were called for two illegal snap penalties and there was much haranguing over the pace with which Garth DeFelice cleared out for Manning in the Colts 59-24 loss at Lambeau Field Thursday night.

Here’s what Manning said then...

On the change of the umpire to being behind the line:

ManningManning“I thought when (the first team offense was) in there it went pretty smooth. When the second group, or the third group maybe, ran a quick play I thought the umpire was pretty slow and gave the defense a chance to get set and make their calls. I know Bill (Polian) and Jim (Caldwell) are on top of it and evaluating it. I think we will continue to test it and see how it’s going to work and how it will affect us and what adjustments. I am hoping we are willing to adjust some and they are willing to adjust some, too, so we can make it fit. It would be a shame if one team got penalized more than the other with this rule change. Hopefully, there is a happy medium in there somewhere.”

On the Colts being that one team:

“Certainly in a two-minute offense, under two minutes in the first and second half, the umpire is going to go back to his original position behind the line of scrimmage. But for the most part, we are in some form of the two-minute for the entire game. So, how does that affect our offense, our flow and our timing? Our philosophy is that we are going to run our offense. We are going to do it the way we have been doing it and hopefully they can make some adjustments.”

On whether this is how the umpire will definitely set up:

“What they told us when the officials came to meet with us in camp was it is still a work in progress. They made the commitment to make that switch to put him there, but I think they are going to have to factor in that we are going to get up there and be ready to play. Somehow, someway they have to find a way to make that work.”

On the hurry up offense being an advantage to the Colts:

“A lot of teams do. I don’t think we are the only team doing that. To me, maybe 15 years ago or maybe longer than that, 20 some years ago you said, ‘O.K., the two-minute drill is run under two minutes.’ But now, there (are) a lot of teams that run some form of the no-huddle. The Patriots do it and there are other teams that do it at different times and go no-huddle. It seems like to me that they did not quite factor that into this change.”

On having problems with the umpire switch on the 89-yard drive against the 49ers:

“We did not have any issues on that drive. I did think one time when the threes had a series in there and they ran a quick snap play, I thought it took a long time for the umpire to spot the ball and get out of the way. All that did was give the defense time to get set and then the element of surprise is lost. That is kind of what our concern is. I think they will continue to evaluate during the preseason.”