Jackson, Sanders will be PUP to start camp

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
INDIANAPOLIS -- One last Colts entry before we at the AFC South Blog call it a combine and drive back to Nashville.

Bill Polian talked about the health of three of his players Sunday afternoon.

Cornerback Marlin Jackson is recovering from a blown out right knee suffered during a late October practice. Safety Bob Sanders dealt with a knee injury during the season. Rookie running back Mike Hart also suffered a serious knee injury in October.

"Marlin is coming along fine, we anticipate that he will be PUP [to start training camp], I think Bob will be PUP to start the camp period, beyond that I don't think we have anybody that I can tell you that is for sure in that boat," he said. "...Mike Hart is going to be close. He's coming along fine, he's going to be close. Whether he's PUP or not is up in the air at this point."