Three things: Bengals at Colts

Three things I’ll be looking for in Bengals at Colts:

The return games: It may be hard for the Colts to use all three of their return options in the same game, as they can’t do much to control how many punts and kickoffs a game will have. But they’ve got to have Devin Moore, Brandon James and Ray Fisher in some pecking order going in. They hope for enough on tape that they will be able to adjust that order if they need to.

Pat Angerer: The guy’s been all over the place in the preseason and is sure to get a lot of time in a game where the Colts typically don’t put starters on the field at all or for very long. His production gives them confidence he can step in if there is an injury and hope that he can get the job done on special teams.

Brody Eldridge: If you’ve missed it, I love the potential for this guy to be an impact player on offense -- a tight end who can make a significant difference in the run game while still threatening to slip out and catch a pass. We could see a lot of him here. If we don’t, I’d suggest that means he’s in line for an even bigger role than I thought.