Three things: Buccaneers at Texans

Three things I'll be looking for in Buccaneers at Texans:

A right guard: Antoine Caldwell and Mike Brisiel are still fighting for the last unresolved starting offensive spot on the team. I have no gut feel in handicapping it and can make a case both ways for who they'd like to win it. But coach Gary Kubiak and his staff will have the last bit of film on which to decide once the night is over.

Kickers: The Texans would get killed for it, but on third-and-longs in long field goal range they should send Chris Henry up the middle and get into field goal situations. Then they should urge the crowd to pretend the attempt is to win the Super Bowl with two seconds left. Maybe that would produce something to differentiate Kris Brown and Neil Rackers.

Cushing replacement candidates: Darryl Sharpton's hype has dropped off significantly in short order and Kevin Bentley is getting talked up as the third starter during Brian Cushing's four-game suspension. Who knows if or what they can see from Xavier Adibi (groin) or Danny Clark (knee) in this game. Someone get in, play well, raise your hand and tell the coaches you want it.