Battle me and a coin in Pigskin Pick'Em

Regular readers of the blog know I don’t pick games in the blog or related events.

I don’t believe this invitation conflicts with my principles on that -- as picking against a spread is a) impossible and b) not necessarily about who you think will win.

So here’s a personal invitation from me to you:

Join me in an ESPN.com Pigskin Pick’Em League. We’ll pick every game of the regular season against the spread.

Here’s the hook. We’re trying to win, sure. But only one of us will. The rest of us can score the next best victory if we can stay ahead of one of our competitors: THE DREADED COIN FLIP.

For as long as I’ve been in Nashville, friends connected to the Titans' press corps have participated in a similar picks league. Early on, one guy fared so poorly that his boss wrote an artificial press release announcing the company was considering replacing him with a coin flip. Thus THE DREADED COIN FLIP was born. And I’m not too proud to admit it once won our league and regularly finishes quite high.

So we’ll all fight the coin, a shiny quarter that will reside on the desk of my home office.

Beat him, and you’ll attain CD status -- coin defeater. I don’t know what that will get you. Perhaps you can identify yourself as such to help get a mailbag question answered or to get to the head of the line with your entry in a chat. The winner of the league will get his or her name in a wrap-up headline. Maybe I’ll box up the coin and send it to you.

It’ll turn us all into winners or losers, and who won’t enjoy that?

I’ll post once a week, or as I see fit, to offer thoughts and updates on how it’s unfolding.

And if it’s a disaster, we’ll simply scrap it next year and look for the next thing.

So we’ve got until Thursday night’s Vikings at Saints opener to populate this thing. Sign up, and tell your buddy and his spouse to sign up too.

Simply head here.

At the bottom, sign in using your ESPN login and password or create an account. (No cost.)

Then join the group “Fear the Coin Flip” using the password “AFC South.”