Weekly staples: What you can expect

We are exactly one week from kickoff of the AFC South.

While a few of these won’t fire up until after we’ve seen Week 1, I wanted to give you a sense of the weekly staples you can expect out of me through the regular season.


"What I Think They Are Thinking" -- I get inside the heads of the people running the show inside the four team headquarters, exposing their real thoughts.


"Decisive Moment" -- A closer look at a key play from the AFC South’s games.

"High Energy Player of the Week" -- Highlighting a player who did a little something extra, and perhaps received less notice, from AFC South games.

"On the Air" -- A look at the television broadcast teams for the next set of AFC South games.

Power Rankings -- An AFC South slanted take on the new edition of ESPN.com’s power rankings.


AFC South column -- Our biggest post of the week, where we take an in-depth look at someone or something.

AFC South Chat -- An hour of quality banter that kicks off at 2 CT, 3 ET.


"My Primary Complaint" -- My weekly vlog contemplating something that makes me unhappy. (I have a few days still, if another concept jumps up, this could still change.)

The Dreaded Coin Flip -- A check in on the AFC South Blog Pigskin Pick'em pool, where we’re all battling a coin flip.

"Final Word" -- A last look at key topics for the weekend ahead.


AFC South Mailbag -- The more you send here, the more I can fill these up.


Entries before, during and after my game of the week, including a “Rapid Reaction” and a column.

"Wrap-Up" -- Observations from the games I am not attending.


Those, of course, are just the sign posts. They'll be constantly surrounded by deep thoughts, reaction and analysis ranging from stinging criticism to resounding applause. Plus anything else I come up with.

You can always help by hitting that mailbag I mentioned above.