Our 'expert' NFL picks

Some of you may recall a tweet from earlier this week in which I said my predictions were in but I hated them.

I don’t know why it was such a struggle this year. Too many of the breakout candidates have overfilled bandwagons already, because everyone knows you have to find the next big thing.

Two years ago I had New Orleans in the Super Bowl a year early. Last year, instead of banging the Saints’ drum again, I moved to Atlanta. I was very tempted to put the Falcons in the title game this season, but just couldn’t get myself to do it for some reason. I also actually think Philadelphia could make a Super Bowl run.

I settled on a too-popular choice: A Green Bay-Baltimore Super Bowl with the Packers as the winners. (Now as I second-guess I wish I went Atlanta-New England, sticking with that 2009 pick.)

Teams I don’t like as much as their hype, clearly, include Dallas, Cincinnati, Minnesota, the Jets and Houston. (I don’t like Chicago either, but no one’s putting the Bears in the playoffs.)

Enough about me.

All 16 “experts” -- not my word -- picked the Colts to win the AFC South. Seven have the Texans in the playoffs as a wild card. Three have the Titans in as a wild card.

Chris Harris of the fantasy gang at ESPN.com is the lone person with three playoff teams coming out of the division.

Seven panelists have the Colts winning the AFC Championship Game and John Clayton, Tim Graham, Mike Sando, James Walker and Matt Williamson all have Indy winning the Super Bowl.

Seth Wickersham gains huge affection in Houston, picking the Texans to go to the Super Bowl but lose to Green Bay.

Peyton Manning gets six votes for MVP, second to Aaron Rodgers (seven). Manning is also named four times for offensive player of the year, where I took Chris Johnson, Wickersham took Matt Schaub and Matt Mosley likes Andre Johnson.

Finally, Harris expects Jeff Fisher to be coach of the year.

Tear us apart. I’ll provide e-mail addresses (on in Graham’s case a home address) upon request.