Chat recap: Read it all or pick your blogger or expert

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
You can review all of ESPN.com's marathon free-agent chat from Tuesday here, and trust me, it was more remarkable than the ShamWow!

I felt like during the AFC South segment we had a pretty good distribution of topics, though fans of the Jaguars and Texans were hoping I was going to say they were going to be big spenders on big names.

Once you get to that page, click on a name -- like mine for example -- and it will take you right to that particular blogger or writer.

It's a nice function. I suggest trying it out. But if you go from the top, I was second, so you can enjoy NFL East maven Matt Mosley before I take over the talk.

Want more chat? Then I've got good news. We'll resume our usual Thursday 3 p.m. ET slot this week. Stay tuned and I'll give you a direct link.