Why I fully endorse Football Outsiders

Look, I’m not a big online subscriptions guy. But if you want the case for being an ESPN.com Insider, to me it starts with Football Outsiders.

Check out, for example, this snippet from Aaron Schatz’s first weekly preview files that keys on the sort of numbers and statistical analysis only Football Outsiders provides:

Denver Broncos at Jacksonville Jaguars (CBS)

"Last year, Jacksonville had the best defense in the league against the run on second down -- yet ranked 30th against the pass on second down. That's probably a good matchup for Denver, which ran less than any other team on second-and-long (more than seven yards to go). In 2009, David Garrard was knocked to the ground after a pass more often than any other quarterback in the league."

The best second-down run defense in the league! Seriously? Gold, Jerry. That’s gold.

I can’t share anymore. But here’s the link.