RTC: Derek Cox still a starter for Jaguars

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Houston Texans

According to John McClain, the Texans will audition three defensive ends to help fill in for Connor Barwin -- Ryan Denney, Adewale Ogunleye and Bobby McCray. None of them would bring what Aaron Schobel could.

Gary Kubiak is shifting gears to plan for the Redskins, says McClain. Going against his mentor is a big deal.

Chris Myers and the line paved the way for Arian Foster, says Jerome Solomon.

Surgery is set for Barwin, says McClain.

Former NFL offensive line coach Larry Zierlein joins his son, Lance, for discussion of Texans' zone-game dominance. (Podcast.)

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts are vague about Bob Sanders’ injury, says Mike Chappell. I hope they don’t believe we believe they don’t know more.

Robert Mathis and the defense look forward to hitting a quarterback named Manning, even if it’s Eli, says Phil Richards.

Releasing Sanders would do nothing for the Colts except open a roster spot, says Chappell.

The Colts’ run defense could be an issue that means long-term trouble, says Vince Verhei. (Insider.)

Did the Colts give up in the fourth quarter? Stampede Blue explores the question.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Derek Cox is still a starter and his teammates expect him to bounce back, says Vito Stellino.

David Garrard enjoyed a day of facing down critics, says Tania Ganguli.

Vic Ketchman proposes a “No Penalty Zone.”

Tyson Alualu made a good first impression and Brian Fullford laments it didn’t get national mentions. (I can’t see every snap of three games that are played simultaneously, sorry.)

Andrew Das wonders about the Tim Tebow treatment at EverBank Stadium. I think it's not a big deal and typical game-day stuff.

Ten things Black & Teal thinks about the Jaguars.

Tennessee Titans

Jeff Fisher defends leaving Chris Johnson in a blowout to the end, says Jim Wyatt. I don’t understand why this is a big issue. Play the starters as long as you like, those are the guys I want to see.

Fisher liked the damage Vince Young did with his legs, say Wyatt and John Glennon.

According to Fisher, Javon Ringer doesn’t need late-game reps, he just needs to be ready, says David Boclair.

The Titans claim Steelers week is still special, says Darren McFarland. I don’t buy it. To most guys on this team, Pittsburgh is not a lot different than any other team.

Boclair ranks 10 years of Titans defensive ends.