Chris Johnson liked Sports Science stat

Through a sponsor tie-in, I just had a chance to chat with Chris Johnson.

Here’s what we covered.

MPH: The Sports Science piece that aired during "Monday Night Football" said he maxed out at 22 mph on his 76-yard touchdown run in the Titans’ season-opening win against the Raiders.

“That was pretty cool,” he said. “I wasn’t running at quite full speed, but it was pretty cool.

He said was clocked at 28 mph in a game against Kansas City his rookie year and thinks he can hit 30.

How cool would it be to drive your car alongside him, calling out your speedometer readings? Remember the truck driver doing it for the cycler in “Breaking Away”?

Tuesdays: For a team coming off a Sunday game and heading to a Sunday game, Tuesdays are a treasured day off. But as a lot of players do, Johnson works. He said he went to the Titans’ facility to soak in the hot tub and look at some film. Then he brought film home with him to look at tonight.

“Pittsburgh is a very tough defense to run against,” he said. “My rookie year we beat them, last year they beat us in overtime. It’s going to be a tough game. It’s going to be a close game.”

Arian Foster: Johnson said he was impressed with Foster’s gigantic opening day.

“He looks to be a good back,” Johnson said. “He had a very excellent day. If he can continue to do the things he’s been doing, he’ll be a great back and great competition in the league.”

His deal with Powerade: For every rushing yard Johnson registers this season, Powerade will donate $10 to Davidson County schools athletic programs.

When Johnson (@ChrisJohnson28) tweets about the weekly donation, Powerade will then donate an additional dollar for the first 5,000 retweeters who include “#powerade” in their message.