Did Fisher contradict himself?

As I wrote Sunday, I have more of an issue with Jeff Fisher’s assurance that Vince Young will play well next week against the Giants that I did with him making a change at quarterback during a horrid loss to Pittsburgh.

“I made a decision to get a spark and go with Kerry,” Fisher said. “Vince is still our starter. He will start next week against the Giants. There is no quarterback controversy. I just needed to make that decision. I know it was the best decision for the team.”

Fisher is generally consistent, but many will say he was not in this instance.

He turned to Kerry Collins in search of a spark during his team’s second game this season. But two years ago, struggling through an 0-6 start, he didn’t think an in-game quarterback change from Collins to Young might have provided any sort of boost?

Reading the situations, here’s my interpretation of the difference.

Two years ago Fisher said on a weekly basis that the Titans’ struggles were not quarterback-centered, so a change wasn’t necessary.

So if a change was necessary here, it was quarterback-centric, right? After Young’s two interceptions and a lost fumble, it should have been.

And if it wasn’t, the usually steady Fisher has contradicted himself.