A close look at David Garrard's four picks

David Garrard said he wished he could erase the loss in San Diego from his mind. No quarterback wants a four-interception game on his résumé.

I just had a chance to look at each of the four passes closely. Not good.

  1. It was a deep throw down the middle intended for Tiquan Underwood. Garrard had quality protection and time to step up and into his throw. I am not sure Underwood was open when Garrard let it go, but he pulled away from defender Antoine Cason while the ball approached. It was, however, a bit short and Cason made a very nice athletic play going up to get it.

  2. Linebacker Shaun Phillips was bearing down and had to be in Garrard’s field of vision. Garrard threw, Phillips jumped and batted the ball, it went up in the air and five Chargers converged with Cason making the play. It did not look like favorable coverage for Jacksonville and while I don’t think anyone could have broken it up, offensive players didn’t react well with the ball in the air.

  3. There was no real pressure on what was the worst of the four in my eyes. Garrard throw it right to linebacker Brandon Siler over the middle. Did he even see him?

  4. Garrard was least guilty here, as Maurice Jones-Drew failed him in protection. Still, should Garrard’s clock tell him he’s asking a lot of Jones-Drew on Siler as the linebacker bears down from the quarterback’s right side? He waited too long, the ball fluttered as a result of the hit and Burnett made a nice diving catch moving backward.