AFC South Week 2 decisive moment

If this season is what the Houston Texans expect it to be, they may look back at fourth-and-10 with 2:11 left in regulation in Washington as a decisive moment for the year, not just the game.

Down 27-20 at the Redskins’ 34-yard line, Matt Schaub lined up in shotgun with running back Arian Foster on his left, tight end Owen Daniels on his right and receiver Andre Johnson to his left.

Schaub took the snap just as the play clock was expiring, got flushed to his right by Andre Carter and threw deep to the left side of the end zone while still on the move and just before he got decked by Lorenzo Alexander.

Johnson had run to the left side of the end zone, with cornerback Phillip Buchanon dropping off and free safety Reed Doughty winding up alone with him. It turned out to be a jump ball and while Doughty was with Johnson, he didn’t have a chance. Johnson went up high over Doughty and grabbed it, showing off the physicality and athleticism that make him one of the scariest receivers in the league.

The Texans won 30-27 in overtime to move to 2-0.