Mailbag: The some-people-hate-me edition

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

Eric in Indianapolis writes: So, I've been hearing quite the buzz around Indianapolis about the Colts holding a private work-out with QB Sanchez. Being an armchair quarterback myself, I am a bit puzzled by that decision. It seems teams only hold those workouts if they are serious about the player, and having a 3-time MVP at the helm for at least 5-7 more years seems like this isn't the year for this. What do you think is going on? Trade bait? Manning retiring sooner (4-5 years) than later? How about the issues of needing a 3rd receiver, starting DT, starting LB, another tandem RB?? I am in dismay. Of course, the Colts for the past decade have always been 2 steps ahead of everyone and very prepared for the future.

Paul Kuharsky: Don't read too much into a workout of a get-together. Sometimes teams have such things to finish crossing a guy off their lists. Teams can have 30 guys in for visits plus locals -- that's far more meetings than draft picks.

But yeah, maybe they think he's too good to pass up if he's there for them. Few people expect he will be.

Paul Smith from parts unknown writes: Your writing is terrible.

Paul Kuharsky: Thank you for the constructive criticism. I will try to take your pointers to heart.

Ken in Las Vegas writes: Titans aren't cheap?!?!? Bud Adams is a penny pinching miser! Since 'the great purge' after our last REAL Superbowl attempt.... look at how much cap space has not been utilized - THAT'S cheap! Moulds, Givens, Nate Washington are certainly cheaper than paying for a legitimate receiving option! Justin Gage, Brandon Jones and Justin Mccareins are not a viable receiving corps in this league - period! Gage is a decent #2. Washington is at best a #2....

Paul Kuharsky: Ken refers to this blog entry.

Who did you want them to get? The free agency class of receivers was weak, not forcing it was smart.

They've got a bad approach at the position, they devalue it. But it's philosophical, not financial.

Weller Ross in Lawrence, KS writes: Now that we're a good way into free agency and I haven't heard Marvin Harrison's name mentioned hardly at all, do you think there is a chance he ends up coming back to play in Indy? I know that with the Colts cap issues he would have to play for significantly less money, but if he's not getting offers anywhere else then I would have to think something is better than nothing especially if it meant staying with the Colts. Your thoughts?

Paul Kuharsky: I think it's a remote possibility at best.

I don't think Harrison surfaces anywhere until after the draft or even during camp.

If the Colts aren't satisfied with their receivers in camp or have a bad injury and he's still out there and reaches out and says he'll play for cheap, maybe. But my sense is when a guy like Bill Polian cuts the ties, he's looking forward, not back. The Colts didn't only think Harrison was too expensive, I believe they think he's also close to done.

Unknown from parts unknown writes: You have to be the most snooty, idiotic person hired by ESPN (this side of Skip Bayless anyway). Where do you get off writting with suck attitude? I mean you write a blog for god sakes, and we all know bloggers are killing sports writting as we know it. Im guessing you never even played football in your life. Oh wait, you were that kid on varsity only because he was a senior and hated everyone else for being so much better than you. Anyway, lighten up and get off your laughable high horse.

Paul Kuharsky: Thanks for chiming in. Points taken. I'd take them even more, however, if you put your name on your e-mail.

Andrew Hoelscher in Richardson writes: What has Vince Young done to be compared to Pacman Jones? Does Young have a long criminal record? Has he been suspended by the league? Has he been traded away and cut? The guy got hurt and lost confidence. He's human. Everyone makes so much of Matt Cassel, but how many of you would have let him on the field before last year? Young had one bad year and one injured year, and now he's useless? Even worse than that, he's a criminal? You're pathetic.

Paul Kuharsky: I don't recall comparing them.

Of course Vince Young is different from Pacman Jones in plenty of ways.

He's the same in a few too: he turned into a distraction. He doesn't 'get it.' He's not as good as he thinks he is. He's an under-performing, very high draft pick who's gotten a lot of money and has not produced or matured as they hoped he would. He's surrounded by people who tell him he's great and everything is OK and the world is out to get him.

Jason in Philadelphia: Paul, what are your thoughts on Colts' backup QB Jim Sorgi? I would sure like to see him get a chance to play. Backing up Manning for 6 years is bound to teach you a few things here and there. He hasn't been brilliant in the time he has played, but it has been very limited, and mostly with the 2nd and 3rd team. Matt Cassel didn't show much promise until he had the opportunity to play a prolonged period of time. I honestly believe that if given the opportunity, he would play very well. Indy liked him so much that they offered him an extension last year, and Bill Polian is a pretty good evaluator of talent.

Paul Kuharsky: I think he's about mediocre. If you're a Colts fan, I can't imagine why you'd ever want to see him get a chance to play, it would mean Peyton Manning isn't playing.

Them liking Sorgi as a backup is far different than them liking him if they had to play him for six weeks. I'm sure he practices well and does good work running the scout team, which gets the defense ready each week. If he did play, they'd have to run a lot better and play a lot better defense for him.

But I don't suspect he's Manning's heir, and I don't know that it's time to start thinking about one yet.

Duane from Texas writes: It seems to me that you would prefer VY to be a failure to prove yourself right. Why is this? Do you just have a dislike for him or what? Now that the Titans have a serious weapon at RB and WR and a good TE. It just makes sense to let him have his shot as the starting QB with no excuses of not having offensive play makers around him, which he did not the first 2 years of his career. Oh in case you don't remember we made the playoffs in '07 with Vince starting. I was at the game in Houston when he won it with his legs on the 36 yard game winning run. It just seems strange that the other two big name QB's in the '06 draft (Cutler,Leinart) have yet to even reach the playoffs with MUCH better WR's than the Titans have. So will you PLEASE respond with why
you and other media mouths have such a liking of the other two and VY is chop liver as far as you all are concerned??

Paul Kuharsky: I'm not rooting against him. But I'm not on his bandwagon by any means.

My opinions are formed based on what I see and hear. And from what I've seen and heard, the light has not come on for him, he doesn't get it. His comments, when he talks, are often nonsensical or untrue. He said "'I've never been hurt before," when he hurt his knee against the Jags. Well, he missed time the year before with a quad injury. Did he forget about that, or does he simply think we'll accept all his spoken words as fact because, as he reminds us every time he talks, he's just a humble guy?

Cutler is far better than Young at this point. Leinart amounts to the same wash, but it sure feels as if the Cards feel better about him than the Titans do about Young. I don't categorize this group of QBs as good with good receivers and these as good with bad receiver, etc. A guy is either good and progressing or he isn't. Jeff Fisher's Titans are never going to have two top flight WRs. Their QB is going to have to be successful in the current brand of framework.

Sure, VY's numbers and Kerry's numbers weren't vastly different. Collins did two things Young didn't -- he won the complete confidence of his teammates and coaches (I don't know how the media has had any bearing on that) and he rarely turned the ball over, a crucial thing in the way the Titans want to work.

I am surprised how many VY apologists remain. He's got a big chance to change some minds with his work and approach this offseason. I hope he surprises us all, but I don't expect he will. Sorry if you don't care for that opinion.

ElTrain in Evansville, IN writes: I heard the tail end of something about L.T. ending up in Indy on the radio today....Any chance of this really happening?

Paul Kuharsky: I can't see him getting cut for starters. I can't see the Colts finding the money to outbid a team like New Orleans for him.

Colby from parts unknown writes: Paul, Love the blog. Keeps me up to date on the only conference that really matters in the NFL, ha.. but anyways, I'm a huge Titans fan wondering what you think about the Nate Washington pickup. The man is quick and will definitely add to the new persona the Titans seem to have tried to picked up as one of the fastest offenses in the NFL, but he has always been a third receiver at best in the NFL. Do you think he will be able to both step up to the challenge of taking on the #1 receiver slot we've been yearning for since Mason left and could this be one of those subtle picks people look over (like most people that say we should go after 30 some receivers that are "big names") that could actually materialize into a blessing? Thanks for the blogging, hope to hear from you. Colby in Columbus

Paul Kuharsky: Thanks for the kind words, they mean a lot.

I like the Titans' addition of Washington, especially at that somewhat reasonable price.

But I don't expect him to emerge as a No. 1. How many of those are there? Larry Fitzgerald, Andre Johnson, Randy Moss for sure. T.O. and Brandon Marshall maybe. Then who? It's not like every team has one, and a team like the Titans that doesn't even really want one won't have one.

If Washington plays like a No. 2 and Justin Gage keeps doing what he did last season, they'll have upgraded. They still have work to do, but they aren't shooting to have a huge No. 1. Derrick Mason developed into a clear No. 1 for them, but he was a possession guy, not a blazer/huge-play guy and he wouldn't have been a No. 1 in some other environments.

Walter Greensboro, NC: You are correct in saying that the Titans aren't cheap. Much as I love 'em, what they are is scared. They almost never take risks, and that might get you a shiny 13-3 regular season. But we're also 0-2 in the playoffs over the last two years. They can keep their wins in November and December. This team should be winning in January. And they also do a very poor job of taking care of their own. If they did this we probably would've held on to Mason and Rolle a little longer(both players proved to be effective in Baltimore). And more importantly their handling of Steve McNair was totally inexcusable after what he did for this franchise. Moreover, it seems to me that Young would be much further along in his development if his long time family friend had been there for him to sit behind and learn from for a year. And I cannot see the merit in your assessment of Young as a bust. Nothing about a 19-9 record as a starter says bust to me. Too quickly people forget that the Titans were 0-5 Vince's rookie season before they finally gave him the reigns from Kerry Collins, who's now had one good season since 2000. Vince Young is the future of this team, and the sooner Fisher gets that through his head the better.

Paul Kuharsky: I agree they are a little gun shy at times. But they didn't give up on Rolle and Mason when they did because they didn't think those guys could play, that was a salary cap purge that was based purely on finances. They weren't graceful with McNair, but their timing was probably correct, as it usually is when they decide a guy is finished.

JL Hoboken, NJ: Hey Paul, I'm sure you're busy with FA reporting but I'd appreciate it if you took the time to respond. My question is regarding Roydell Williams. I know he was a very average receiver, but hasn't he gotten a pretty raw deal (Went from a #1 on a playoff team to out of the league in a heartbeat)? Are there any updates about his health and any potential FA offers? I like to think the Titans are a classy organization but I feel like they handled this situation about as poorly as they handled McNair's. Thanks - JL

Paul Kuharsky: If the whole league judges you to be done, you're done. How is it a raw deal?

If the Titans thought he wasn't going to be able to contribute and he was cuttable, I'm not sure what your complaint is. What did they owe him? He owed them -- they paid him and he was unable to perform with any consistency.

There is rarely such a thing as a happy ending in the NFL.