A bit more from Bulluck on Titans departure

When beloved, veteran Titans leave, Music City usually gets extremely grumpy.

Emotions usually overrule business understanding, despite the fact that the Titans have a very good record of letting guys go at the right time. Steve McNair had one productive year after he was let go. Eddie George did nothing in a season in Dallas. Kevin Mawae retired.

(We’re not counting Derrick Mason, Samari Rolle or salary cap casualties here, we’re talking about times when the team had more of a choice.)

Even with their good record, the Titans take a serious PR hit in the wake of such moves. And this summer Mawae and Keith Bulluck both spoke of how the team failed to communicate its thinking.

I discussed the process in a post you can find here.

Wednesday morning I posted highlights of my conversation with Bulluck Sunday night in Indy. Wednesday afternoon he spoke to Nashville media on a conference call and made one thing clear about the way things wrapped up with the Titans.

The Titans indicating they’d talked contract with him was completely a PR move to save some face -- transcript courtesy of John Glennon.

“You know what, honestly that’s bull---,” he said. “Those people know … If I was working there for 10 years, I have a house there still. Those people know my numbers. So if they were really trying to get in touch with me, trying to sign me and do all that stuff, I’m sure my phone would have rang, my agent’s phone.

"I even know for a fact that we sent out footage of me training this offseason, you know what I mean? I asked my agent several times if the Titans gave him a shout and that didn’t happen. Like I said, it’s over. That’s in the past and whatever. It’s my story, their story. It’s all a story. At this point, I don’t really care. I’m a New York Giant and I have been since July 24."

UPDATE, 3:39 p.m.: Responded Jeff Fisher: "He's got his opinion, we've got ours. He made the decision to leave."